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A lot of self-confidence and hard punchlines: that’s what makes the rapper from Vienna special. She doesn’t care about role clichés or rap stereotypes, and the spectrum of her music includes both trap and boombap beats.

After her debut single „JAJA“ and the anti-cat-calling anthem „Blutwiese“, which became a long-running hit on the „Deutschrap Underground“ playlist at the end of 2021, the rap high-flyer recently delivered another one-track hit with „SAG WER“. As usual, DONNA SAVAGE places her uncompromising punchlines with self-confidence and makes it clear that she is here to stay. Her unmistakably husky voice perfectly matches the pounding beats of producer king Brenk Sinatra on her singles, on whose label Wave Planet Records DONNA SAVAGE is signed. When she’s not working on new tracks, DONNA SAVAGE paints on one of her hometown’s many walls.