Junior-A_foto-Nerijus-Kuzmickas-1024x683 Junior A

Donnerstag, 7. Oktober (stream, presented by WHAT´S NEXT in music? in association with the Lithuanian Culture Institute)

From the bedroom straight to the viral playlists of the big streaming platforms – is that even possible? It sure is. Junior A pulled it off using an old MIDI keyboard, borrowed speakers and his infallible sense for larger-than-life melodies. Not only hundreds of thousands of listeners, but the big majors, too, were sold as soon as he uploaded the first few tracks. And it’s hardly surprising when you hear the synth waves of “Violent” or the physical beat of “Sleep Machine” pumping through the speakers. This is the work of a natural in the field of sound design, who doesn’t need PR consultants, other producers or multimillion-dollar signings to spoil the world with completely unique music. The Lithuanian does his thing independently and with well-deserved success.