Please follow the instructions of our festival crew and security staff at all times. There are also signs in the venues displaying the festival rules, which are based on the current pandemic protection guidelines of DEHOGA Bayern (Bavarian Hotel and Restaurant Association), the legal requirements of the BayIfSMV and the framework concept for cultural events of the Bavarian state government. You will help us and many other event, culture and festival organisers if you stick to the rules. Anyone who does not adhere to this will be expelled from the festival immediately by our staff.

Day / evening box office:

The tickets are very limited. We recommend purchasing tickets in advance. There will be no box office at the day / evening.

Wristband exchange + registration:

The wristband exchange will take place on the Kornmarkt directly at the entrance to KORN’S (Kornmarkt 5-7).
Opening hours:

+ Friday, October 8th, 2pm – 8pm
+ Saturday, October 9th 11am – 8pm

Please take your time as you also have to register at the wristband exchange station. In the week before the festival, all ticket buyers will also receive an email from our ticketing partner Ticketmaster, which contains information on exchanging wristbands and the option of digitally registering in advance. That would save you and us time.


All venues are seated and numbered. You will be met by our team at the entrance to the venue and brought to your seats.

Disinfection of the venues / hygiene:

The seats in the venues are disinfected by our team during the intervals. There is sufficient hand disinfectant available in all venues.


As part of this event, photo / video and audio recordings will be produced on the entire event site / in the venues involved with the Nürnberg Pop Festival (Eckert, Lodhi, Wurm GbR) or by third parties acting on their behalf and thus according to the definitions of GDPR personal data of the visitors will be collected.

This data is collected for advertising / documentation / sponsoring / press purposes / etc of the event for web, print and social media and will be used for an unlimited time, as well as by the organiser, the companies, persons and third parties commissioned by him for these purposes stored and possibly also passed on to third parties.

By participating in this event, visitors irrevocably consent to the collection, storage, processing and disclosure of this data.

Admission stop:

There is a limited number of seats in the venues. We are not allowed to let more people in. We apologise for any inconvenience.


If you have any questions about the Nürnberg Pop Festival 2021, you can send an email to


There will be no cloakroom.

Mask requirement:

A mask must be worn when entering / leaving a venue and on the paths to and from the toilet and bar.

Support for Nürnberg Pop:

You can support Nürnberg Pop directly by purchasing support tickets. Due to the developments since the beginning of the corona pandemic, this is no longer possible for many of our previous sponsors. Nobody knows when things will return to normal in the area of sponsoring + funding. This also does not guarantee the continued existence of the Nürnberg Pop Festival.



It is not allowed to take bags larger than DIN A4 with you to the festival. If necessary, our security staff will ask you to keep larger bags in a locker in the Nuremberg main railway station, which is in the immediate vicinity.


Tickets for the Nürnberg Pop Festival are only available online. A maximum of 4 tickets can be purchased per person. You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire when purchasing a ticket. Please do so, nothing happens to your data except that it is on a digital list with which we meet current official requirements for the implementation of live music events.

Hard tickets already purchased for the Nürnberg Pop Festival (e.g. via crowdfunding from Club Stereo) will be transferred by us to the Nürnberg Pop Festival 2022. You don’t need to do anything else except keep your ticket.


We will publish the schedule for the Nürnberg Pop Festival shortly before the festival.

We look forward to you and Nürnberg Pop 2021. It will be different. But it will be good.